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Carolina Bonaventura

Carolina Bonaventura is a powerhouse. She is an inspiring teacher who has developed her own teaching methods and her own bringing her own special skills which she has called the Bonaventura method.  She offers a series of video dancing lessons on Individual Technique and Partnering Technique. She also has a book ‘Tangofulness: Exploring connection, awareness …

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Beats of Colours

Daniel Rojas, Sydney-based composer and pianist and tango dancers Jacqueline Gutierrez Simpson and Anthony Miller share their passion for tango in this Australian documentary, ‘Beats of Colours’. Each has dedication and passion for tango which colours and drives their lives. Daniel performs and explains his approach to both tango and Latin classical music. Jacqueline and …

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Tango Bardo Argentinian orquesta

Tango Bardo visited Australia in 2023 to perform at the Moonlight Tango Festival in Brisbane in July.  They are a Cuarteto Tipico Tanguero with a Bandoneon, Piano, Base and Violin in the style of the Juan D’Arienzo orquesta. Tango Bardo has played around the world and hey will be the orquesta at the Oceania Tango …

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Couple dance tango on small coffee table at a milonga

How to dance in a small space

This video shows how it is possible to dance in a small space. Ricardo Viquiera and Fish dance to ‘Pocas Palabras’ Ricardo Tanturi on a small coffee table. No flourishes, no fancy stuff – just good dancing in a small space. A valuable skill at any milonga

Tango: The dance that changes everything

In this short film, a dozen people share why they dance, and the difference tango makes to their lives. A micro-documentary by Ben Lovejoy from London Tango which showcases dancing and milongas.

Tango Workshop with Gustavo Naviera and Giselle Anne

Tango Workshop with Gustavo Naviera and Giselle Anne

Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne review some of what they taught about the structure of the turn to “Milonguero Viejo” – Carlos Di Sarli @ the Austin Spring Tango Festival 2023. Friday, March 24, 2023. Austin, Texas.

La Confiteria: a legendary venue in Buenos Aires

La Confiteria: a legendary venue in Buenos Aires

La Confiteria Ideal: The Tango Salon. This 2005 BBC4 film delves into the world of La Confiteria Ideal, a Buenos Aires dance hall where fervent devotees of tango flock to escaped everyday life.  This peek into the magic of tango includes wonderful interviews with famous milongueros old and young.