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The Festival Mood

2023 is looking good. Tango is gradually returning to something like it was two years ago and although organisers are finding new problems, they are devoted  to making it work. In the second half of 2022 we were treated to the return of BASH (Buenos Aires in the Southern Highlands) in Bundanoon and Tango in the Spring in Canberra. There are more special events coming up in 2023. 

Hobart Summer Tango Immersion Weekend 12-22 January

Hobart Tasmania at sunset from Discover Tasmania websiteYou’ll need to get in quick for this. 
Sidewalk Tango in Hobart is hosting a long weekend of milongas with interstate DJs. Milongas will be held in Hobart City Hall, Hobart Town Hall, Richmond Town Hall, and the Hobart Polish Club and DJs, including internationally-renowned Anthony ‘El Mafioso’ Miller from Sydney. 

There is also the opportunity to explore in and around Hobart with excursions included in the package if you are interested. Not to be missed if you have not explored this part of the world before. 
Check out the website which also has accommodation options. 

Melbourne Tango Weekend in March

Melbourne Tango Weekend Collingwood Town Hall with Melbourne Tango Orchestra playing

The first is the Melbourne Tango Weekend, 24 to 26 March, 2023. You will have missed the early bird bookings but there is still time to book if you are a leader or a couple. Sadly bookings have been suspended for single followers so your best option is to find a leader who will join with you when you register. (Facebook has been found to be a successful avenue).
Held in the glorious historical setting of the Collingwood Town Hall, this Festival has been going for a number of years and draws many of Australia’s best dancers.  The organisers are the Melbourne Tango Club, a not for profit association.
At the Melbourne Tango Festival there are five milongas over the three nights and two days. The highlight is the Gala Milonga on Saturday night which will feature the Melbourne Tango Orchestra. 
If you can plan this into your March schedule, get your skates on! It is an event worth every cent.

New Zealand Tango Festival 28 June to 4 July

new Zealand Tango Festival website banner2023 will be the year of the 19th New Zealand Tango Festival. Australians have been travelling to NZ since the first festival and it continues to offer some of the best dancers and milongas of the year. Held in Wellington the Festival provides milongas during the day in the evening, workshops all day and an opportunity to learn from some of the world’s greatest maestros.

This year the faculty is Michael Nadtochi and Elvira Lambo , Alicia Pons, Johana Copes and David Palo, Sebastian Arrua and Marcela Ospina, Amelia Rambe and Ferrol Matthew
To find out more about these dancers visit the NZ Tango Festival website. This Festival sells out fast, so you will need to plan your trip sooner rather than later. Many return annually which says much for the organisation and atmosphere of this special Festival.

Moonlight Tango Winter Festival, Brisbane in July

moonlight tango winter festival 2023 tango events pageBrisbane City Hall will once again provide the venue for the Moonlight Tango Winter Festival. This Festival needs to go into your diary for the 23 to 30 July, 2023.
Organised by dancers this is a not for profit event which supports Parkinson’s Queensland. 
This is Big, with a promised 60 hours of dancing, music and entertainment including 26 hours of milonga and 24 hours of workshops.,

To find out more and to book for the festival or individual events go to the Moonlight Tango website.