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Pigeon landing

The first issue was sent out in 2011 and this newsletter focussed on special events and news for Australian tango dancers.

Every month there was an update and we made every effort to make sure we had all the news from around Australia and New Zealand.
It was never a list of teachers and classes but more about visiting tango teachers, musicians and orchestras, festivals in this part of the world and overseas news when it was of particular interest – such as the passing of a tango great.

When Covid hit the newsletter ceased. Social media does a wonderful job of keeping people up to date on milongas and classes – and some states even have a dedicated website.
We plan to resume the newsletter as tango gets underway and events are announced.
We have yet to decide on the frequency.
If you are an organiser or promoter we love that you keep us informed.

Let’s hope that Tango in Australia comes back in force!!