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At last there is a national calendar of tango events for Australian dancers and tango schools. Sponsored and supported by Morena Dancewear tangoevents.au provides tango dancers with information on classes, milongas, practicas, workshops and more across the country.

Tango schools are invited to submit their events and ensure that their activities’ information is up to date. For tango schools this is another opportunity to promote and to keep their business in front of those who love to dance – and those who are keen to learn.

Tango dancers will find tango events invaluable as they can easily add it to their calendars. While social media can be a great way to find out what is happening, it can be hit and miss especially when there are two or three events on the same date. There are many who do not use Facebook and who will find tangoevents.au a valuable resource.

As the number of tango orchestras grows it will also be an excellent resource for those who simply want to enjoy the unique music of tango and the unique bandoneón Рas well as for those who want to dance to live music. It will also be possible to find special tango events, including concerts and cultural celebrations.