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Tango Championships are back

The world of tango in the southern hemisphere has been revitalised by the Oceania Tango Congress and Championship. In April Auckland, New Zealand hosted a tango spectacular which has brought tango in this part of the world back into the Championship arena.
With international tango dancers and judges and the fabulous Tango Bardo Argentinian orquesta it promised to be an exciting time – and it was.
Three Australian DJs were in the line-up. DJ Anthony Miller, who is in demand world-wide; DJ Frida Kotlyar, a music professional who has been Djing in Sydney and internationally since 2009 and DJ Wendy Dear , a popular DJ from Brisbane.
The International dancers were Maximiliano Cristiani and Ayse Gencalp, fresh from a tour of Australia;  Neri Piliu and Yanina Quinones and Carolina Bonaventura who was on her way to Australia.
This was an official preliminary of the Tango BA Festival and Dance World Cup 2024.
Winners of the Salon Tango Competition were Hsin-Da Lee and Helen Won. Australian dancers and teachers from Tango Escencia in Melbourne, Nadim and Rina Sawaya achieved second place and  third place went to Sydney dancers Marcelo and Pali Delgado.
Sydney dancer Anna Griffiths came second in the Jill section of the ‘Jack and Jill’ Tango. You can read the full list of winners on the Tango Congress website. You can watch the performances on the Tango Congress Youtube channel
It is many years since Australia, specifically Sydney has seen Tango Championships. The writer of this blog was involved in the Championships held in Sydney over 15 years ago – it is fantastic for a new generation of tango dancers to have the opportunity to perform for the world!