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Tango maestros performing for a crowd

The Maestros Are on their Way

man and woman dance in spotlight on wooden floor - from torso downHave you missed the workshops with visiting tango maestros – we have not had any visitors for about 3 years?
You are in for a ride! 2023 promises to be a year when you can catch up with what you have missed and then some. Here are the maestros on their way to Australia in the next few months…
no doubt there will be many more 


Rodrigo Palacios and Agustina Berenstein
Two favourites with Australian dancers together again for this Australian tour.
This video is a recent performance at a milonga in Buenos Aires

Sydney 2 to 15th
Melbourne 25 – 26th
Tango Brujo
Canberra, 16-22nd
Tango Social Club of Canberra

Maximiliano Cristiani and Ayse Gencalp 
Maximiliano is a one-time tango world champion (2014). He has had many partners, you can watch him dance in a short film with Ayse  on Watch, Enjoy.
 On The Tango Lesson blog you will find an interesting appraisal by a very experienced dancer and teacher on how tango dancing has changed in 20 years, with a focus on Maximiliano. 

Brisbane 2-6
Sydney 10-14
Melbourne 15-21
Tango Escencia

Beto Barsellini
A frequent visitor to our shores pre-Covid, Beto will be here for a couple of months and will no doubt tour.
March 15-June 12


Cecilia Gonzalez
Cecilia has been to Australia and New Zealand many times. Held back by the pandemic, she is touring for almost 2 months, taking in many major centres. She will be accompanied by Luciano Bastos in Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Check out the details on Cecilia’s Facebook page. There is a video of Cecilia dancing with Luciano on the Watch,Enjoy page

Melbourne 12- 19
Tango Escencia
Canberra 20 – 26
Tengo Tango
Darwin 27 – 3 May
Northern Tango Darwin Facebook page

Los Totis
Christian Marquez and Virginia Gomez, known as Los Totis, have been dancing together since 1996. They have performed and taught in many of the world’s major festivals, including the 2022 CITA Festival in Buenos Aires, there will be many who remember them from previous visits to this part of the world. 

Sydney 20-23
Dance Tango
Melbourne 24-30
Fabio Robles


Cecilia Gonzalez 
Brisbane 4-10
Sydney 11-17
Hobart 18-24
Sidewalk Tango
Adelaide 25-30
Southern Cross Tango