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Inspiring Australian tango film

Incisive interviews with musician/composer Daniel Rojas and dancers Jacqueline Gutierrez Simpson and Anthony Miller explore how tango is essential to their world in ‘Beats of Colours’.
This short Australian documentary by Pablo Castrillón focuses firstly on Daniel Rojas and his lifelong passion for music and being a musician. Daniel is known to many in Sydney for concerts with local musicians where he introduces both tango and Latin classical music and performs classics as well as his own fusion of these musical forms. 
Jacqueline and Anthony are principals of tango school Tango Spirit and as well as teaching and running milongas,  frequently perform both in Australia and overseas. Jacqueline was one of the first to join tango classes when they began in Sydney in the late 1990s. Anthony is much sought-after as one of Australia’s best DJs by the name of ‘El Mafioso’! 
If you are new to tango you will find this film gives you a better understanding of what drives those who play and teach tango music – and a better appreciation of both the music and dance form.  If you have been dancing tango for some years you will understand much of what is said in the interviews and it undoubtedly reinforce your love and understanding of tango.