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Couple at night time milonga

Dancing tango again

It has been a long time between tandas for many of us – are you dancing tango again?
 For some the time still isn’t right to return to the tango scene. Many Australians have been dancing for some weeks and many more are slowly returning to the milonga floor as the photos on social media show.
Checking vaccination certificates, and using the QR code to register who is in attendance are being used in most places, but is this enough? Sanitising hands is good – and hygiene issue that we could keep forever.

At time of writing the Australian government has passed the responsibility for precautionary behaviour over to the population. We have very high vaccination rates, but new variants are making this questionable.

Are you dancing tango again? Have you returned to milongas? or to classes – how do you see the future, both short and long term, for Argentine tango?