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Angelina’s tango blog – a new look

Angelina’s tango blog returns with a new look.
This blog began over 10 years ago as a forum for Australian tango dancers when the scene was growing fast and it wasn’t easy for everyone to communicate. Facebook had not become a forum and many wanted to talk about the scene.

Over the past decade we have been involved with startups in the tango scene, organised events including the Australian tango championships (no longer held), milongas and classes, and attended many classes and workshops with current and overseas teachers.

One of the most exciting developments has been the growth of the tango music scene.  Professional and amateur musicians have created and developed tango bands and orchestras and at the time that Covid struck Australia’s first genuine tango orchestra (orquesta tipica) was performing out of Melbourne – it is to be hoped that this scene can blossom again when the pandemic has subsided.

We have also seen home-grown tango productions featuring professional dancers working with theatrical producers to create new and dynamic works. We hope that these too will return to our stages when the time is right.

Tango has had a chequered history in the country of its birth – becoming a vital part of the local culture, and then going underground when the artists could no longer perform and create. It will surely rise again – and we look forward to reporting on it as it does.