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Angelina’s tango blog returns with a new look. This blog began over 10 years ago as a forum for Australian tango dancers when the scene was growing fast and it wasn’t easy for everyone to communicate. Facebook had not become

Work has resumed on the restoration of Confitería La Ideal, the classic café from 1912. Located in Suipacha, Buenos Aires Confitería Ideal used to be  the first place tango dancers new to the city would visit – as much for

Spring in the southern hemisphere brings the Tango Festival in Buenos Aires which over years has  variously been called the World Tango Championship and the Tango World Cup and is currently the International Tango Festival and World Cup. In 2021

It has been a long time between tandas for many of us – are you dancing tango again?  For some the time still isn’t right to return to the tango scene. Many Australians have been dancing for some weeks and

Tango is danced around the world!

When you dance tango you will find you can visit milongas and dance nights in many cities as you travel. You will experience different styles, new music  – and make new friends