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Incisive interviews with musician/composer Daniel Rojas and dancers Jacqueline Gutierrez Simpson and Anthony Miller explore how tango is essential to their world in ‘Beats of Colours’.This short Australian documentary by Pablo Castrillón focuses firstly on Daniel Rojas and his lifelong

To be a good tango dancer you need to understand floorcraft. In many milongas today this appears to be a lost art. When tango floorcraft is ignored accidents can happen – and I witnessed such an accident this weekend at

For more than 20 years there has been a school for tango musicians in Buenos Aires, which bears the name of Emilio Balcarce. Born in 1918 in Buenos Aires, Balcarce, whose birth name was Sitano, was first a violinist. Later

We’ve been busy. You will now find a Special Events calendar on this site. Here we will list visiting maestros, festivals local and in our region. This is not in competition with Tango Events, a Directory and Calendar of Tango

Tango is danced around the world!

When you dance tango you will find you can visit milongas and dance nights in many cities as you travel. You will experience different styles, new music  – and make new friends.
Facebook is one of the best ways to find local venues.